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Comprised of prolific author and screenwriter (THE REVISIONIST) Karyn Langhorne Folan, filmmaker (FROM THE ROUGH) and former DC commissioner Pierre Bagley, and Bluford Series Editor and Lead Writer Paul Langan, Rock Creek Content is dedicated to creating refreshing new content for audiences of all ages.

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To learn more about the partnership between Rock Creek and Double Nickel Entertainment, contact info@rockcreekcontent.com. Follow @Bluford_Series on Twitter or Facebook for updates! To learn more about the Bluford series, visit Townsend Press at townsendpress.com.

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Karyn Langhorne Folan (Producer, Screenwriter) is a Harvard Law graduate who attended with the Obamas. She is the author of 25 books, including ghostwriting a New York Times bestseller for rap royalty Toya Carter, and three novels for the Bluford novel series. She is also the screenwriter and producer of the upcoming film The Revisionist, starring Naomie Harris. Most relevant to this project, Karyn was selected to the Pen/Faulkner Foundation’s Writers in Schools program, touring inner city schools and talking with young people about writing, creativity, and the storytelling process. Sought after by teachers and students alike for her faith in young people and her style of teaching, Karyn has stood in many “Bluford High Schools” and knows this audience well. As a Bluford novelist and an award-winning screenwriter, she is uniquely positioned to guide Bluford High—The Series to a television audience.


Pierre Bagley (Consulting Producer) is a writer, producer, and director most widely known for his 2013 feature film, From the Rough, starring Taraji P. Henson. An innovative thinker who understood “transmedia” before the concept had a word, he worked with former Harper Collins Chief Judith Regan to launch the book/film project Fat Man Walking chronicling the cross-country walk of 300-pound Steve Vaught in 2006 and has experience in developing projects for ethnic audiences. He is also an experienced TV producer (LAPD: Transforming the Dream) and former head of the Washington DC Film Commission.


Paul Langan (Producer, Author) is the Young Adult Fiction Editor at Townsend Press and lead author of the Bluford Series, a popular collection of contemporary urban novels for young adults. Nationally recognized for its ability to engage middle school and high school readers, the Bluford Series has been explored in the New York Times, praised in the Journal for Adolescent and Adult Literacy (JAAL) and endorsed by the American Library Association (ALA). Today, more than 11 million Bluford novels are in print. In addition to his work on the Bluford Series, Paul meets and speaks with students and contributes to many other educational publications at Townsend Press.

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